Robin Bardolia | Chief Strategic Officer, JWT, North America

“Ginger are, in my mind, top-drawer strategic planners. They combine the rare talent of bringing imagination to all things strategic. They are great intellects and excellent presenters; they are perfectly un-academic and absolutely practical. They play well from the boardroom to the playground and everywhere in between, which is a rare talent. They could be your secret competitive weapon.”


Linda Finn | Executive Vice President, Marketing, Nordstrom

“We have worked with Ginger many times over the past dozen years. They are smart, strategic thinkers who have helped us uncover and develop insights that are highly actionable. We really appreciate their excellent client service.”


John Wernz | Chief Marketing Officer, Wealth Enhancement Group

“Ginger took a complicated positioning challenge in a crowded industry and helped us create and clarify a differentiated position. Their work was foundational not only to the marketing department, but to the direction of our entire firm. Smart, driven and witty – they are a blast to work with.”


Tina Wilcox | Founder and Chief Creative Officer, BLACK Retail

“They’re fun, whip-smart, highly creative strategists and I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with them. They ‘get’ great ideas – how to develop and nurture them. While they’re deep in many categories, they absolutely rock at retail.”


Rob White | Founder, Zeus Jones

“I’ve always known them to be smart, succinct strategists who can quickly get to the heart of the problem. As ‘Ginger’ they delivered everything I’d come to expect of them (lots of smart thinking, creative research techniques, highly collaborative players, immensely professional, great attention to detail), plus even sharper business acumen. It was an excellent experience.”


Bob Thacker | FORMER Senior Vice President, Marketing, OfficeMax

“They’re very smart, they’re able to get key understandings about consumers quickly. And their ideas are very actionable.”