Mary Van Note

Life: All the makings of a great G-rated movie including one discombobulated long-suffering husband, a sassy daughter, and a cat who walks her dog. Add a quirky southern heritage, a sometimes problematic passion for handbags, and a knack for storytelling and you’ve got Mary, a girl with hair too curly for her own good.

Marketing: English degree from fancy-pants Eastern school, former Partner at RED Consulting, and enriching Planning Director stints at Fallon and BBDO. Plus several additional advertising posts coast-to-coast that are too tedious to mention here.

Beth Perro-Jarvis

Life: Two sons, one husband, one rescue cat, one rescue dog, much beloved family, a great gaggle of girlfriends, loads of enthusiasm, a talent for pie-baking, a penchant for red lipstick, and a love of things that simultaneously challenge and bring joy, from snowboarding to Sunday night programming on HBO. Optimism is Beth’s secret weapon.

Marketing: Journalism degree from sturdy Big 10 school, former Partner at RED Consulting, many years at Fallon as Global Group Account Director and head of the agency’s Trend Unit. Plus a few more agency gigs that all make for some hard-to-believe war stories.